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Why Fit Security Anyway?

  • Immobilisers that have been manufactured and installed to recognised standards have been proven to reduce the liklihood of a vehicle being stolen 4x over the same vehicle that had not had an immobiliser fitted.
  • High risk vehicles have consistently been targeted by professional thieves and even opportunists - is your car deemed "High Risk"?
  • Hypothetically - you go out to your car now and it is GONE. If it had an Immobiliser remember the chances of it being stolen were 4x less likely so chances are it would still be there. how much time, money, inconvenience and cost do you think you will have to payout, endure, argue and concede before you reach a solution with your insurer or not?
  • The insurance industry calculates you will spend 2 weeks at best and the total cost excluding the market value paid out less any finance owing would see you probably $3000.00 or more out of pocket once you had finalised on a replacement vehicle.

Ok you convinced me but WHY choose a Dynatron?

  • Product: We ONLY sell AS/NZ Standards tested and Certified Immobilisers, Immobilisers with alarm conditions and Upgrades. We have a Certificate of Compliance for Every system we sell and you can view these online. Beware of products that claim to be "rated" and have no Certificate to support that claim. 
  • Design: Dynatron have OVER engineered the primary and secondary Immobiliser circuits with 40amp per circuit capacity continuous current draw which is 4X the minimum standard of 10amps.
  • Immobilisation should be on the primary ignition circuit and the secondary fuel pump circuit. Ignition circuits at their peak can carry 20amps or more and fuel pumps can also do the same. Dynatron has 100% more capacity than either of these peak values.
  • If you buy an immobiliser that cannot carry at least 20 amps per circuit you are either going to have to put two immobilisers on the one circuit (now no longer a dual circuit Immobiliser) or take the risk?
  • 24 hour 0800 Assist: Dynatron introduced 0800 assist over 12 years ago a toll free number with a real person answering. With over 100,000 customers now using Dynatron we have a more managed system in place but if you need assistance (and really have a Dynatron) then a Real Peson is still there to respond.
  • Customer Service and Registration: At Dynatron we record all your registration details down to the PIN override code unique to your system. No one goes to such lengths to provide real service and there IS more. if your system has not been registered the Serial number of EVERY Dynatron we have ever sold is able to point us to the PIN number of your system.
  • One Stop Shop: You buy the product, the installation and the extended warranty all from us and then we arrange our local installer to fit the system in strict accordance with NZ standards and our own industry requirements. We have standardised the performance, the price and the installation.
  • You'll get exactly the right package: Because we understand the risk factors that apply to your vehicle and your lifestlye you can be confident that you will get the right advice for your vehicle and the protection you need.
  • Hands On: We have our own Service dept, technicians and installers who are fitting systems everyday, our experience in the field means we have the people and the information to fit your Dynatron anywhere in the country.
  • Evolutionary Development: Dynamco in WA design and manufacture our products and this guarantees a reliability of supply and continuity of evolution. The current 7XR processor (now in it's 20th Gen version) is backwards compatable to our 4XR which was introduced in 1998 - so 10 years on a 4XR can still be ungraded to incorporate the same features of the latest models - it's called "Plug and play".