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0800 508 904 Emergency Helpline24/7

What happens if I need help afterhours?

The 0800 number may be down over the following 2 - 3 days week ending 15th January . This is due to changing to a new Provider. In the even the line is not working - please call us on 09 4155686 and follow the prompts.

0800 508904 is redirected by Dynatron afterhours to an automatied service. For emergencies, if you require personal assistance you must leave a message giving your name, car registration number and CONTACT Phone number.

If your system is STILL under warranty and registered in our Dynatron customer database (You can check that anytime during working hours) then this service is essentially FREE, although very late (after 10:00pm and before 06:00am) or calls during the weekends or on public holidays can incur a service charge as a "user pays" service fee. We will generally call you back within 10 minutes and after establishing the problem can also usually get you started "over the phone" or at least help diagnose the problem and suggest a solution.

So if your system is out of warranty, is unregistered or calls are received between 10.00pm and 6.00am during the week you probably will be asked to pay a $20.00 fee, if you have lost your PIN card then the fee is a small price to pay to drive home.

Frequently Asked Questions are:

  • "HOW TO" Jump start: Always try to use "surge protected" leads on cars built after 1998. Always jump start off another vehicle while it is running at fast idle - 1200-1500 rpm, or use a fully charged Jump pack but not a battery sitting on the ground! Always connect positive to positive (red leads) and negative to negative (black leads). When connecting jumper leads have both vehicles turned OFF and the ignition keys OUT of the ignition as some vehicles will LOCK the car when jumper leads are being connected. When the jumper leads are connected the Dynatron should restart and you'll need to use your remote to disable it before attempting to start the vehicle. First start the vehicle providing the "jump" and let it run for 5 minutes before attempting to start your vehicle with the flat battery. ONCE the vehicle starts LEAVE the jumper leads connected for another 2 minutes to aoid any surge that could damage either cars computer.
  • Lost keys, remote or both:Requires (a new?) Ign key before the PIN override code unique to your Dynatron system can be encoded.
  • Remote works but system does not respond: Check the red (or blue) LED is flashing on the dashboard. If there is no light then the car may have a flat battery. Unlock the drivers door with the key and observe if the other doors unlock (assuming the car has central locking). If the drivers door ONLY unlocks and the alarm makes no sound when you open the door then you have a flat battery. Attach jumper leads from another vehicle and try again!
  • Siren is sounding off: With no indicator responses and you cannot stop it with the remote usually because a "battery backup siren" has triggered.  This is because the cars main battery has fallen below 8V; you have a flat battery. You must use the security key (2 provided) to turn the siren OFF and stop the noise. the key barrel is under the rubber dust cap on the rear of the siren. Once you have done this you can connect jumper leads and atempt to start the vehicle. Once you have restarted the vehicle remember to turn the siren back "on".
  • Remote works and nothing is happening: If the LED is flashing in the car this means that the battery in the remote is either very low (replacement should be done annually) or the remote itself is damaged. You need to use the key to unlock and open the door (yes you will trigger the alarm) and then the PIN code is needed to disable the Dynatron. if you don't have the PIN number then you will need to call Dynatron and providing your system is registered on our database, we can help to get you going.
  • My car makes a "chattering noise" when trying to start it: Coming from under the bonnet this noise is the starter motor where the power needed to turn the starter is not available. The chattering sound is coming from the starter as the solenoid engages and disengages - we call it "machine gunning". You need to attach jumper leads and try again!
  • Key won't turn the ignition to on: Believe it or not we get this so many times it's not funny anymore! The steering lock has jambed because weight is on the front wheels, either against the kerb or the wheel has been turned to lock the steering. It is NOT the Dynatron causing this, simply "wiggle" the steering as you turn the key from accessory to "Ign on" - do this gently and the lock will disengage and you can now start your car normally.