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Question: I have Just purchased a car with a Dynatron in it - what do I need to do if anything?

Answer: First up - Register Online. To check if your alarm is already registered (used car with existing system), and if it is change the ownership details into your name or if it is a new system getting it registered for the first time. Your system should have come with 2 remotes and a PIN override procedure card - if it is a 5 Star it will also have two service keys for the battery backup siren as well. If you don't have all these items and don't have the PIN code then you must ring today, call 0800 508904 and we'll take it from there.

Question: I have lost my PIN card and have no record of the number.

Answer: Call Dynatron 0800 508904 and check if your system was registered at the time of the installation - if it was and your ownership details are confirmed, then we have your PIN on file. If not then we can direct you to an Authorised Dynatron installer who can code in a PIN of your choice.

Question: What do I do if I have lost or damaged my remote and have also not got the PIN override?

Answer: "Panic"? Actually call Dynatron on 0800508904 (after hours calls may include a $20.00 surcharge). If your system is registered we can give you the PIN override (provided you are the registered owner) and instruct you on "how to do it" all over the phone.  If your system was not registered then we can help, providing you pass some strict security protocols.

Question: Who is responsible for my system being registered and can I check?

Answer: The installer is provided with a form to complete, but the responsibility is yours. If the system is not registered and you do have an emergency and need the PIN code - who is most affected if it is unregistered? You! You can check anytime during work hours by ringing 0800508904 and Customer Services can tell you in moments if your system is registered or not.

Question: How often should I replace the remote batteries?

Answer: For the 12v remotes we recommend replacing the batteries in all remotes every 12 months - even the if some are never used. The New 6V Lithium iron batteries will last 4-5 years under normal usage which is 4-6 times a day everyday. If you use the remote MORE than that then you do the math and replace batteries sooner rather than later.

Question: My PIN card talks about a 4 digit PIN but the card I have has more than 4 numbers what do I do?

Answer: You must ring Dynatron on 0800508904 to get the 4 digit PIN. Your number may be prefixed by a #, is the Serial Number for the Dynatron system. We have a record of every system sold since 2000 and have the PIN for your system. Once again we give this out ONLY if your system is registered. We do not give out PIN numbers to just anyone who has the PIN card - you might have left it in the glovebox and the thief is ringing us to get the PIN.....??!!

Question: I am stranded with no remote and my system is not registered with Dynatron but I have the PIN card with the Serial number. I have called you on the 0800 number but you say we can't help by giving me the PIN because  as you can't confirm I am the owner so what do I do now? And I am getting angry!

Answer: Ok we have a number of ways we can do this, one of which is by checking with Motor registration which includes a user pays "fee". Suffice to say we have security check protocols and have done this many times successfully in the past. Remember - it is your responsibility to make sure your system and ownership details are registered with us. Don't shoot the messenger because we have your interests at heart and giving your PIN to a car thief is not one of those!