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PIN Over-ride procedure

This article will guide you through the process of overriding your DYNATRON vehicle security system with the use of your PIN Overide code.

The very first thing you have to locate is your PIN override number if you do not have this, you need to call us 0800 508 904. Some systems were sold woith a 5 digit serial number and no 4 digit code. If you have a 5 digit serial number sticker on your PIN over-ride card you will nees to call us on 0800 508 904 for PIN verification.

Ok so you have located the PIN number to override the immobiliser. If you are lucky enough to have the Override PIN Card in you r hand just a matter of following the instructions on the back. Take special note that whem performing the override procedure the drivers door must be open at all times.


  • Turn ignition ON. Red or Blue LED and or indicator lights will stay on.
  • Turn ignition back to ACC. LED and or indicators will begin to flash. Count the flashes equal to the first number of your PIN. Then turn the ignition ON.
  • Repeat step 2 for the remainder of your PIN
  • System will disarm and LED/indicators will cease flashing after the last number of your PIN is entered. You can then start your vehicle immediately.
  •  Using the PIN override will temporarily allow starting of the vehicle and will NOT permantently turn OFF the engine immobiliser. 

If for somereason this does not work, check the following.

  • Is the battery in the car charged. No flashing alarm light means the car battery is dead
  • The PIN number may have been changed by previous owner
  • Car has a turbo timer installed, this needs to be turned OFF
  • You are trying to use a 5 digit number when the PIN number is only 4 digits. Call 0800 508 904.

If you have recently taken cahrge of a new vehicle with one of our alarms and have not been given the override PIN code, then I would suggest that you call us, we will more than likely have the PIN number if the installation was registered with us. Proof of identity will be required and $25 charge for the service....much less calling out the AA

 Only DYNATRON can offer you this service. Simply the Best In Car Security