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NZSA Star Ratings

The STAR RATING SYSTEM was discontinued in 2013 due largely to a number of critical events:

  • Most NZ new vehicles have progresssively introduced microchip Immobilisation as "standard equipment" and by definition meet the minimum International standard ECE R97.
  • Some personalities within the vehicle Security sector created their own parallel rating systems one that inevitably undermined the credibility of the NZSA Star rating System - to the extent that the NZSA withdrew their ongoing association.
  • Insurance Companies felt that the improvement in New vehicle Immobiliser Security and a marked reduction of "High Risk" Japanese Imports arriving in the country - together removed the need to continue with a Star rating system

This situation leaves us with local and international standards that are now largely redundant - the Immobiliser always being the primary defense against THEFT - with the ALARM now merely the "Add on" to detect break in.

Many imports now have the obligatory Immobilisers now installed - characterised by the schematic in the dashboard lights - of either a KEY or a car superimposed with a Key - either in red or orange - that comes on momentarily and goes out before the car starts to crank - that means your car has a Microchip Immobiliser.

The FULL CIRCLE now places Alarm detection and Security against theft FROM your car as the No 1 priority. Laptops, Navigation units, lpods and tablets are all top targets and Immobilisers just don't provide adequate (if any) protection against theft from your car.

Newest cars now have CANBUS data networks that can be seemlessly connected to some the latest Digital Security products - many of which have been developed as original equipment for the industry. These are now readily available as Dynatron Digital - smart tools that work.

Here at Dynatron we have sourced a totally new European range of Digital Canbus and Analogue systems since January 2012. We are pleased to confirm that all our new Dynatron Digital systems have been tested and Certified to the Global EU Standard - ECE R97 country designation E48 for New Zealand - an acknowledged signatory. So while the old 4 and 5 star standard is now gone -  ECER R97 reflects a standard that adopts all the latest technologies and importantly restricts products that are untested from being sold globally. SO its now very important to check that the product you are buying has this important internatonal Global Certification - this safeguards you from obsolete systems that were probably designed 25 years ago and cannot possibly work in the modern CanBus environment.

Any product that was Star Rated or AS/NZS Certified back in 1987 is now almost entirely obsolete and would inevitably fail the ECE Certification process. You wouldn't buy as new car with 1987 Technology - so why fit a security system that was designed in 1987 to protect it?