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Auto Dipping Reversing Mirror with Camera Input DM-6

All NEW Automatic Dipping and Dimming Rear View Mirror with inbuilt Camera Input. Now you can have the best of the best in one package. Only the more expensive models come with an Automatic Dipping mirror - does your car have that silly flappy lever which you NEVER bother to use!!!  Dynatron Digital has the solution - a mirror that Automatically Dips when the following cars lights are TOO bright - and then (if you want the camera) DIMS when the camera view is being compromised by direct sunlight on the mirror. The Dual Mode mirror totally replaces your existing car rear vision mirror with a quality OEM style design ad comes with the correct bracket to suit you car - Make and Model. Simply put the vehicle into reverse and then the camera view (additional Camera required) takes up a 3.5" HD picture view which remains crystal clear night or day - and if its one of our cameras - then there is the added security of park line definition. Make sure to tell us what make and model you have - both are vitally important to getting the correct bracket and assembly fitted.

$ 199.00

Digital Upgrade GN7C - S (with a Standard Siren)

ALL New Digital CanBus Upgrade (with a Standard Siren)    Find Out if your Vehicle has CanBus compatability?

$ 476.00

Reversing Camera JMD-H185C

All New Flush Mounted Only Reverse Camera with Park Line Definitions. Suitable for flush mounting on a flat panel surface found on the rear of a van, hatch or station wagon where the rear door lock/handle assembly will allow for the camera mounting without affecting any lock assemblies. Popular discrete installation which provides a clear view withyout the prospect of unintentional damage. Requires a screen or monitor to view. Some vehicles factory Stereo systems MAY have video inputs to allow a direct connection camera input. Cal us to see if your vehicle is suited to this application and make sure this is the camera for you. 

$ 99.00

Analogue Upgrade GN6ID (with a Standard Siren)

All NEW Smart Analogue Upgrade (with a Standard Siren).

$ 455.00

4 Head Reverse Parking Sensors (Matt Black)

Ubpainted Bumper Black Reverse Parking Sensors with Audible Alert.

$ 127.00