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Bluetooth Handsfree

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Bury CC9048 Hands Free Bluetooth with ISO Cables only.

Bury CC9048 Bluetooth Kit with ISO plugs

$ 240.00 incl. GST

Micro Auto + X

Here at Dynatron we get to try all the latest in-car gagets and "toys" from time to time as well! One gadget that has stood out from so many others and is installed on all our cars (and family members cars) is the Micro cell phone, GPS Universal holder. This compact German designed and Engineered device ticks all the boxes for Price, Build Quality, Ease of use, Exceptional Strength, Ingenious Flexibility and Funky Appearance. We all drive cars and the majority use cell phones and you may also have a Bluetooth connection but did you realise that was only HALF the legal requirement? To be legal we all need a Micro cellphone holder.  Since November 2009 you can only make, receive, or terminate calls while driving if:- You don’t have to manipulate the phone – for example, if you have voice dialling. You MUST have a phone cradle installed and you “manipulate” the phone only “infrequently and briefly”. This means you can receive calls and occasionally dial a number. Often we get told by drivers that then don’t need a permanent cradle? Sitting in the centre console is not a defence – the moment you “pick it up” you have effectively broken the law. You can dial 111 or *555 without a Bluetooth connection. You’re not allowed to create, send or read a text (or email) while driving, regardless of whether you have a phone cradle. You can make, receive and terminate calls if you’ve stopped the car “for a reason other than the normal starting and stopping of vehicles in a flow of traffic”. If the road is blocked, say by an accident, you can use your mobile – but not when you’re at traffic lights or roadworks. You cannot stop on the motorway to take a call – parking on the shoulder is illegal unless the car has broken down. If you’re caught using a mobile phone while driving you’ll be slapped with 20 demerit points and an $80 fine. As soon as you get to 100 demerit points, you’re banned from driving for three months. We personally endorse this product and we know you will be fully satisfied.  

$ 49.95 incl. GST