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  • TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking

TomTom Link 510 GPS Fleet Management Tracking

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TomTom Link 510 GPS Tracking Module.

Key Facts

  • 3,600 employees - 50 offices in 35 countries worldwide
  • Since 2004 TomTom has sold over 66 million PNDs - market share in Europe over 50%
  • Over 100 million probes contribute to HD Traffic (now live in New Zealand)
  • Our real-time traffic information service is available in 24 countries including NZ.
  • Our maps cover 112 countries reaching more than 3 billion people
  • Over 300,000 professional drivers are powered by our fleet management solution WEBFLEET
  • Over 2.5 million in dash navigation systems sold into the automotive industry since 2009 and now Original Euipment in an increasing number of New Vehicles.
  • A trendsetter and award winner, TomTom was recently awarded the IT innovation accolade at the 2011/12 GreenFleet Awards for its WORKsmart™-Ecosolution, which helps companies to reduce fuel consumption and the carbon emissions of their vehicle fleets.


If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles, it’s vital that fleet is working efficiently at all times then you need to minimise costs and maximise productivity? TomTom means exceptional insight into the performance of your entire fleet from the vehicles to the drivers.

That’s why you need the TomTom LINK 510 – TomTom’s top-of-the range vehicle tracking device. It provides valuable information about fleet performance, to help you reduce costs and boost the productivity of your mobile workforce.

How it works

  • The TomTom LINK 510 is a small device that can be quickly installed into any car, van or truck (9-36v).
  • It uses the very latest GPS/GSM technologies to communicate between the vehicle and the office, providing a wealth of tracking, tracing and reportinginformation in real-time.
  • All of this information can be viewed in WEBFLEET®, our secure online fleet management system, which presents the dataclearly through standard reports and dashboards, or on the go - then via the Exclusive WEBFLEET MOBILE App.

Key benefits

  • Greater driving efficiency, lower costs 
  • Reduce costs and help your teams deliver more transparent customer service.
  • Monitor driving behaviour to reduce maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Cut fuel costs and carbon emissions by promoting a greener, safer and more efficient driving style.
  • Map the position of your vehicles, and always send the nearest driver.
  • Analyse driving speed and time spent at each location, so teams can spend more time with customers.

Less administration

  • Help fleet and back office teams reduce their workload.
  • Full logbook functionality included.
  • Paperless, automated registration of both private and business mileage.
  • Fully integrated RUC portal with LTNZ audited trails and automated pay as you go processing.
  • View all information in one simple graph, to manage your targets.

A future-proof investment

  • The LINK 510 is part of TomTom WORKsmart™, TomTom’s out-of-the-box fleet management solution.
  • Open API for uninterruptd ease of integration with your companies existing reporting and dispatch protocols (IT charges and fees may apply)
  • Connect to the TomTom PRO navigation series via Bluetooth™ for easier, quicker time management and job dispatch.
  • WeEBFLEET MOBILE App available for Apple or Android platforms puts eveything you need in your pocket 24/7 (App purchase fee applies).