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Not Sure if your Vehicle is CanBus?

If its less than 3 years old and a passenger vehicle - it Should be.

Asian Sourced Commercial vehicles need to be the latest model - not a facelift (The Ranger and Colorado are - the Hi Lux is NOT) 

Most Euros - Cars, Vans and Utes - All Are.

Just check out our listing

Click here for our latest CanBus Vehicle Listing


If your vehicle is European and was built after 2003 It is very likely to Be CanBus - providing it has both Factory Remotes. If it is Japanese then CanBus was not widely adopted until 2006-07 and even then the vehicle must have both (2) Factory remotes. 

CanBus - means Controller Area Network - not unlike the copper wires that bring Internet to your door - CanBus uses twin paired wires to communicate thousands of bits of data to "Bus stations" fitted throughout your vehicle. A "BUS' could be the Air conditioning controller, The Stereo or simply tell the indicator lights, the wipers, the horn, the door switches to work, anything and everything electronic - a superhighway network that operates throughout your vehicle saving weight, time and more than quadtrippling the ability of your vehicles electronics - the Digital age is here now and DYNATRON DIGITAL has the perfect Security solution for today and into the forseeable future. 

If your car is Brand new and not on our list then we can simply hook up our computers to your car (or one the same Make, model and Year) and MAP the BCM (Body Control module) - with over 500 variants on file and cars added worldwide daily - we have no problems getting the latest solutions into your car and overnight (Europe sleeps while we work) your car will become fully compatable with the GN7C or The GSW CAN GPS tracker/Alarm and "GOOD TO GO".