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Digital Upgrade GN7C - B (with a Battery Backup Siren)

Price: $ 689.00 incl. GST
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ALL New Digital CanBus Upgrade (with a Standard Siren) 


Find Out if your Vehicle has CanBus compatability?


Utilising the most recent digital processors the system has been designed to operate in a full CanBus Digital environment (ECE R97 Certified and essentially a 5 Star Standard).

Installation may require A "read and  write" of the Body Control module inorder to map the modulation of your vehicle. This only applies where we do not have the appropriate files for your vehicle. 

Most importantly - we do not have to cut, rewire, remove or install additional wiring/relays or equipment inorder to get a valid command operating system. BEWARE  - many supposed Upgrades will see the installer removing functions of door lock/pin swiches and other components inorder to make their system operate. Such actions can lead to faults in the vehicle and in the worst instances potentially damage the electronics and invalidate the warranty on a new vehicle. 

The GN7C-B is equipped wth an inbuilt electronic Motion engine exactly the same as fitted in almost all Smartphones which can detect impact, glassbrakage, towing and anti jacking - all this being programmable and specific to the type and style of vehicle being protected. The GN7C-B has a Battery Backup siren with a single tone frequency and the system relies entirely upon the factory remote controls for its operation. 

  • Full Integration with all existing Smart key or Walk up and Walk away functions - where proximity reponses are recognised by the GN7C-B as valid and the system automatically unsets and resets accordingly.
  • Programming to allow total closure and recognise smart key presets (Vehicle dependant) 
  • Optional Soft Chirp and Warn away configurations.
  • Over 130 separate options all preset by PC preprogramming.
  • 4 Digit PIN override - Customer selectable 
  • Optional additional Sensor inputs - PIR or Microwave.
  • Manufactured and tested to ECE R97 Standards. This standard is the most recent international standard for Security Immobilisation and in effect replaces the now redundant star rating programme that most Insurance underwriter still refer too while at the sametime withdrawing support for its continuation. This had the immediate effect of making the Star rating system obsolete. Ironically it continues to be recognised "in principal" as a means to establishing a benchmark. 
  • Memory dump download of alarm tigger responses
  • Anti Noise pollution to avoid repeated unintentional triggering.
  • Up to 3 independant Immobiliser circuits.
  • Three year warranty when installed by Authorised Dynatron Digital installer.