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  • Auto Dipping Reversing Mirror with Camera Input DM-6 Auto Dipping Reversing Mirror with Camera Input DM-6

Auto Dipping Reversing Mirror with Camera Input DM-6

Price: $ 199.00 incl. GST
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All NEW Automatic Dipping and Dimming Rear View Mirror with inbuilt Camera Input. Now you can have the best of both in one package. Only the more expensive models come with an Automatic Dipping mirror - does your car have that silly flappy lever which you NEVER bother to use!!! 

Dynatron Digital has the solution - a mirror that Automatically Dips when the following cars lights are TOO bright - and then (if you have the camera) DIMS when the camera view is compromised by direct sunlight on the mirror or camera lens. The Dual Mode mirror totally replaces your existing car rear vision mirror with a quality OEM style design and comes complete with the correct bracket to suit you car provided you have told us the Make and Model. 

Simply put the vehicle into reverse and then the camera view (additional Camera required) takes up a 3.5" HD picture view which remains crystal clear night or day - and if its one of our cameras - there is the added security of park line definition.

REMEMBER: Make sure to tell us what make and model you have - both are vitally important to getting the correct bracket assembly supplied.


Fitting is not as easy as you'd imagine - if you get it wrong there is a chance you may damage or crack your windscreen - and that's just removing the existing Mirror!!

Our kit is supplied with wiring, cabling and all RCA connections along with instructions. Specialist tools and a good knowledge of wiring needed, we recommend this is fitted by a suitably qualified technician. No warranty for goods returned damaged or broken as we automatically check each mirror prior to dispatch. A 3 year warranty on all equipment (requires proof of fitting) by an Authorised Dynatron installer, otherwise a 12 month product warranty applies. To get this fitted by an Approved Dynatron installer just check the Labour to Fit option.