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4 Head Front Parking Sensors

Price: $ 219.00 incl. GST
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Front Parking Sensors with Audible Alert.

We think that its time to consider the huge cost incurred when parking accidents happen. Often its the unseen child when reversing, but going forward it can be the bench in the garage, a low wall or simply a misjudgement otherwise called "an accident". Painted bumpers are always costly to repair and then there's the inconvenience, not to mention the insurance excess and lost bonuses.  

Front Sensors are far more complicated to install than the rears and have to have cabling routed through the engine compartment and into the cabin - often with electronic interference issues with low frequency radio signals - so it takes three times as long to fit than the rear sensors.

Not recommended for novice installers.


Front Parking Sensor kit to give an audible warning that varies in intensity as you approach an obstruction manoeuvering forward. These sensors help top avoid unseen objects and "TOUCH" parking which can often result in unwanted paint and bumper damage.

The installation Price is standardised New Zealand wide and must be prebooked with Dyatron by calling 0800508904 (during work hours) and will be c ompleted by a local Authorised installer at their business premises. Mobile Installations are available in Selected regions and a surcharge applies.
Colour coding the heads to match the vehicles car colour can also be arranged and is recommended for that professional finish. These sensors are like no other aftermarket sensor and are fitted to many new vehicles here and overseas as OEM equipment. 
4 HEAD Front Parking Sensors

● 4 ultrasonic sensor system (Sensor hole diameter 16.5mm)
● Professionally painted sensors available (Charges apply)
● Front sensors have dual start up protocol and an OFF switch when not required.
This a link to an article that we were asked to write by the New Zealand Automobile Association