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Magnetic Reed Switch

Magnetic Reed switch

$ 17.95 incl. GST

Rubber Boot PIN switch

Door jam and OEM bonnet PIN switch with rubber weather seal

$ 6.95 incl. GST

Standard Bonnet PIN switch

Universal Bonnet PIN Switch

$ 4.95 $ 2.00 incl GST

4 Door Central Locking Kit

4 Door Central Locking kit with Controller.

$ 66.00 incl. GST

5 Wire Door Motor

DYNATRON 5-Wire Door Motor / Solenoid

$ 19.95 incl. GST

2 Wire Door Motor

DYNATRON 2-Wire Door Motor/Solenoid. Optional:- Relay Pack may be required. Please call your local Dynatron Agent to check.

$ 17.95 $ 12.00 incl GST

4 Head Reverse Parking Sensors (Matt Black)

Upainted Bumper Black Reverse Parking Sensors with Audible Alert. With driveway accidents continuing to occur - we've made a move to cut the cost of Reverse Parking Sensors. DIY or professionally fitted - these sensors are OEM quality and will save you the cost and inconvenience caused by backing into an unseen object. But more importantly - they could avoid serious injury and even save a childs life. Our contribution to make this happen is to make the cost of fitting this technology affordable for everyone. 

$ 127.00 incl. GST

PIR Passive Infrared Sensor

Passve InfraRed Sensor.

$ 80.00 incl. GST