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Dynatron Digital Release

DYNATRON Digital 2014

Today we all live in a Digital Age - Television and the GSM Network are two high profile examples of Digital Technology rapidly displacing Analogue.

Dynatron DIGITAL is a huge step forward - a giant leap in technology to compliment the increasingly more complex systems now standard in almost all new vehicles and evident in almost all European models since the mid 1980's. The modern Idiom is often referred to as being "CanBus" which means a Controller Area Network that allows components to communicate with each other using two simple wires (when in the past you needed 100's) all without needing a host computer.

CanBus essentially allows a pair of wires to do the job of sometimes 100's - by transmitting short data packages which is then selectively decoded along the wire to make lights work, doors unlock allowing everything electronic to operate - the solutions are endless. 

Car Securtity systems have remained largely Analogue and when asked to work in a pure CanBus environment - the installer must cut, rewire and essentially compromise the vehicles Can Data system. Often this leads to unexpected fault codes, engine check lights ON and whole of system electrical failures - literally they CAN the Can!

Dynatron Digital technology now designed and built in Europe provide uncompromised solutions, working with keyless entry and start, proximity "walk up and walk away" and total closure protocols. If the CanBus recognises a factory or preset parameter - then Dynatron Digital will simply follow the leader. We have Can High and Can Low configuration as well as a Can Data solution for those vehicles that are still Analogue but have their own remotes. No matter what the challenge - Dynatron Digital has the solution. We go one step further - by providing a free Smartphone APP, installing a SIM and we then have a fully integrated CanBus Security alarm and GPS tracker - all this is no bigger than a matchbox and we believe this to be the smallest and most integrated GPS Security package available.

All Dynatron Digital units incorporate a movement engine (just the same as a Smartphone), Glassbreak sensor, impact detection, proximity "warn away" and drive a standard speaker or electronic siren - and the price?

Dynatron Digital units are the same price as the outgoing Analogue units they replace - so no premium for the best technology you can get - Dynatron Digital is now Available and good to go.